The guard dog training program includes the following exercises

Train dogs to bark

This is the first exercise to increase your dog’s confidence. In the beginning, maybe you use something normal that can make it bark and you give a “bark” command. Find a stranger you don’t know about the dog and then take action to challenge the dog.

When you issue an order and your dog barks at a stranger, that person needs to act scared and run away. Your dog will become more confident.

Train the dog’s aggressiveness

The purpose of this exercise is to provide better protection for dogs. Distinguish strangers and acquaintances. Protect the owner and attack when necessary or capture robbers, thieves …

This is a very important and necessary exercise and also a very difficult one. So the coach must be prepared step by step, such as getting along well at the beginning of the course, always encouraging him during the first day of school, calling him a meal and calling his name regularly, or taking him for a walk. play. Let it believe in yourself. Do not allow strangers to approach, only allow strangers to provoke it, not let strangers feed or contact. After a good start, I started training.

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